We Believe that Good Dental Health is Important
to Your Total Health and Well-Being!
We are concerned about your whole-body  health and use dental materials that are mercury free, bio-compatible and in harmony  with your overall well-being. 

Many patients come to us wanting to replace silver fillings with a tooth colored filling.

They may be doing this on advice from their physician or alternative health provider, or may have simply learned enough about the mercury controversy to decide they don't want this material in their mouths anymore.

We are members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
(IAOMT) and follow their procedures when removing mercury amalgam fillings which include the following:
After we diagnose your unique dental needs, we encourage you to work  with a whole-body practitioner such as a physician, chiropractor, naturopath or an alternative health provider of your choice to help you determine the best  comprehensive course of action for your optimum health!

              *Utilizing an efficient suction system in the oral cavity with a special tip                           or its  equivalent  to contain  amalgam particles and mercury vapors.

              *Operating a vacuum system at maximum efficiency.

              *Applying copious amounts of water to the filling during removal.

              *Removing the amalgam in large segments to minimize the generation 
                of mercury vapor and amalgam particulate.

              *Providing the patient with a mercury-free source of air.
What dental materials do we use?
Holistic Dentists Use All Porcelain
All Porcelain
Porcelain is used mostly for crowning (capping) broken teeth.  New porcelains are constantly being improved for strength and beauty and are very biocompatible for our patients. 

Tooth Colored Fillings
Dental composite is the white dental material used in the place of  mercury/silver fillings.  It is composed of glass or quartz in a resin medium and is very biocompatible for most people.   With composite we can make very natural looking white dental fillings.

Composite fillings have been used in dentistry since the 70’s and the new nano-materials have excellent strength and are super-resistant to wear.  Patients comment most often about the natural look their teeth have, and how comfortable the composites feel when they chew their food.

Patients occasionally have a need to consider the effects of root canals, implants, or extractions to their total health.  An important part of good overall health is chewing your food properly and well.  We make every effort to keep teeth in their natural position and state, but sometimes that's impossible.  We believe that each person is unique.  Working together with your total body practitioner, we will determine the best dental diagnosis for you!
What About Root Canals?  Implants?  Extractions?
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How Often Do You Need Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

We acknowledge your unique oral bacteria condition.  Some need cleanings every
few months and others every few years!   However,it is very important to get  professional direction from a dental hygienist or dentist about your particular situation.   Ignoring gum disease can be serious to your overall health.