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  Dr Jack H Dunn
  Vicky Dunn  (Office Manager)
                                                          WE PROVIDE YOU. . .

                     a comfortable, up-to-date dental experience with a biological (holistic) perspective.
                        Dr. Dunn is a mercury free dentist and will restore your teeth with the best           
                            biocompatible materials and methods that today’s dentistry has to offer. 

           Among the many Longmont Dentists, he is the only one who is a member of the IAOMT, an  
                 organization that recommends specific procedures when removing mercury-siliver fillings.

                   We also work closely with your primary health care practitioner to coordinate your
                      optimum dental treatment.  (This includes physicians, osteopaths, naturopaths,                
                                    chiropractors and other health care providers of your choice.)

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                               Dr. Jack H Dunn, Longmont Dentist
                                                 Dentistry for Adults

Do you want tooth colored fillings that are mercury free?

Do you want teeth whitening or a more beautiful smile?

Do you have a tooth that is sensitive or bothers you?

Do you need a dental checkup and teeth cleaning?

Do you have anxiety or fear visiting a dentist ?

or would you just like a second opinion?

                                                          WE OFFER YOU. . .

                                  natural, safe dentistry that supports your total body health.
               We are a general dental office and can help you with most of your dental needs.

    Please call.  We can help!

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Jack H Dunn, DDS
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                                            OUR GOAL. . .

   is to help you feel comfortable and safe in all aspects of your dental care.
    We want your optimum health and happiness.

               Longmont is the home of our practice but we serve many patients from Boulder,  Loveland, Fort Collins,  Denver and all of Northern Colorado. 

   Don't wait!   As a Mercury Free Dentist, we can provide you with the dental care you need!

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